Again, progress is reported


I have been fortunate to receive permits from U. S. Fish & Wildlife and California Fish & Wildlife granting permission to take aerial photographs over the South Bay landscape. As part of a periodic cycle of permitting, I submit progress reports on the Hidden Ecologies Project and a summary of photographs taken. The last three years were a period of moderate activity – 40 trips to the South Bay Salt Pond Restoration sites and adjacent areas. Thirty two of these trips involved KAP sessions with the total for the year of ~18,400 aerial images. These activities as well as efforts in dissemination are summarized in the progress report and in my KAP Supplemental CV.

Session map for 2012 to 2015

Click on the map to load a page where symbols on the map lead to gallery pages with sample images from each session. The page also includes a table with links to galleries and maps showing the GPS coordinates for photographs in the session.

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