Return to Greenbrae Boardwalk


Following a pleasant review of student work at the Exploratorum, I found myself driving past Greenbrae on the way home. The winds on this occasion were out of the SSW so I stopped to check out flying possibilities from the old railroad right-of-way just south of the boardwalk.

gb 01 0512

I have updated this post with a slideshow of images from Flickr. Read on to see the sequence.

By the way, if you would like to see a larger version of any of the images in the slide show do the following:

1. Click on the image while it is visibile in the shor or place your mouse over the bottom of the slideshow to cause the thumbnails to appear then select the appropriate thumbnail.

2. When the image summary information display appears click “open photo in new window.”

3. A new window opens with the image displayed in Flickr.

4. To see a larger image click the “all sizes” tab at the top of the Flickr version of the image (in the newly opened window), then select original size.

Ta da.

One Response to “Return to Greenbrae Boardwalk”

  1. Nicole R. Zimmerman Says:

    Lovely photos. My parents lived in this home featured here (#37) from June-Dec., 1966. I’m writing a story about it, and went to visit the boardwalk recently. Back then it was just the A frame (and maybe one of the two add-ons?). Thanks for this spectacular view.