Connection making


After our meeting yesterday I spent a fair bit of time thinking about how desirable it would be to make explicit connections between associated bits of information and insight that we have collected but not yet processed. Wayne and I spent some time at the end of the meeting inventorying our existing sites and sub-sites into a list and that felt constructive.

Over the next week or so I am going to try to weave as many connections as I can. Starting with geographic adjacencies I will try to connect the dots of our interests and observations. For instance, a ground-based panorama of an old flood gate from the Arden Salt Works is referenced on our South Bay map. I have just added a link from this reference to a KAP view of the same scene. I should also add an explanation of the crescent-shaped basin’s role in brine distribution and its relationship to the pumphouse, etc. I think these connections will most easily take the forms of 1) jumps (links) from one item to the other (seeing the world as though a four-year-old) and 2) more carefully developed linking stories. In a way, I think the stories and the juxtapositions I hope they contain will be the most valuable product of this effort.

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