Nice walk at Don Edwards


We had a fine walk about Don Edwards in pleasant company yesterday. I kept spotting antennas on the drive home.

Hiking Cohort

Comrades witnessing camera launch

I put together a quick panorama from aerial shots taken near the Dumbarton Gravel Quarry. The view includes the full extent of our walk and we are visible on the left-hand side in the saddle between salt pond and quarry. You can see the bottom of the quarry excavation with a bit of water down there — a view denied us from the trail. Moer to the right you can see the toll plaza with it’s pedestrian footbridge and the southernmost of the Coyote Hills.

If you get a chance click on the tiny image below and follow the links to see the larger version of this shot at 2,700 pixels wide (click all sizes at the top of the Flickr image, then original). If I were to stitch it at the native resolution of the source images it would be 15,000 pixels wide — large enough to print 50 inches wide at 300 pixels per inch.

Dumbarton Gravel Quarry

A rather informal panorama stitched from 10 aerial images

Read on to see more stills from the walk.

The slide show below displays a Flickr set that contains regular images and stitched panoramas.

2 Responses to “Nice walk at Don Edwards”

  1. Wayne Says:

    A Lovely Day…

  2. Paul Groth Says:

    Cris makes kite photography look way easier than it really is. And, given how close the deep quarry is to the Bay, why isn’t the quarry full of more water?