A new Flickr / Yahoo Map interface


As a big fan of locative media the recent release of an Flickr / Yahoo Map integration caught my eye. The marriage is experienced through the eyes of Flickr where the Organize Panel now sports a Map tab for drag and drop geo-tagging. Under Flickr’s Explore menu you will find a map browsing option that takes good advantage of Flickr’s user, group, and tag filters. After spending about 45 minutes geo-tagging some of my shots from San Francisco Bay, I think this map interface is pretty interesting.

flickr map

My test Flickr map pointing to kite aerial images around the Bay. Give it a click and try it out.

On the input side, the drag-and-drop interface makes easy work of the geo-tagging. You can choose to work in the resolution that best serves your needs and fine tune positions after the fact if you like. It would be nice to opt out of the confirmation screens – would you like to do what you just tried to do?

On the browsing side, the collection of filtering tools (group, person, and/or tags) seems quite robust. Bye bye kitties. I am also pleased that you can extract a “link to” URL for a map/search when you get it to a view that is useful.

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