Looking at a new Gallery Feature


I have long been a fan of Flickr for its fine blend of image storage and social networking. Flickr’s approach of having an open API (subject to terms of use) has allows users to reference images stored on Flickr from their own www pages such as this blog. It has also spawned a number of a number of interesting third party applications like Flickr Toys’ Scout and Flickr’s recent addition of a Yahoo-map-based interface.

Last night I came across an interesting gallery interface for Flickr photo sets. PhotoFront provides a Flash-based front end to present Flickr images in a relatively clean and polished way. I ponied up 10$ to subscribe and have figured out a way to link to the galleries from this blog. The button below leads to a set of images from the ‘railroad weep’ on the trail from Alviso to Drawbridge — give it a try and let me know if it works for you:

Note: The button interface doesn’t seem to be working with (groan) Internet Explorer. If you are using IE then try this URL:


More on the interface follows.

PhotoFront interface

PhotoFront’s Flash interface has subtle controls

One feature that I particularly appreciate in PhotoFront is the program’s use of high resolution Flickr files when images are viewed in a large window.

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