Videomicrographs at 1,000x Magnification With Hoffman Modulation Contrast


In a previous post, I described upgrading the light source in my large Olympus microscope. That setup is now in place and here is the first example:

So, what is this?

First, it is at magnification 1,000x Hoffman Modulation Contrast with the Olympus microscope, equipped with my new illumination source. I ordered the same kind of Illuminator as I borrowed from the EXPLORATORIUM for the test. Dave Keller, a retired Aerospace Engineer, helped me machine the 7/8-inch lucite rod connecting the light source to my microscope. This is a sort of “straight line” fiber-optic bundle – in one big rod. The camera is my Nikon Coolpix 885 set at 3x zoom.

Second, the subject is a Diatom surrounded by Cyanobacteria. Inside the Diatom, tiny particles exhibited Brownian Motion.

I do not know that the particles are. I do not think they are bacteria. Each particle could be a Micelle or a Vesicle.

In any case, this videomicrograph shows the power of the new illuminator coupled with the Hoffman Modulation Contrast optics of the microscope.

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  1. Craig Rosa Says:


    It’s beautiful, and amazing to see the internal motion so vividly, after watching creatures similar to these on our hike in Don Edwards.