A balmy Lake Merced


Susan, Wayne, and I returned to Lake Merced last Sunday to revisit several of Wayne’s previous micro-organism sampling sites. My charge was sampling site documentation using aerial images. It was a beautiful day — sunny, balmy, and virtually windless. Absent wind the kites stayed in the car (pouting no doubt) while I played with the 10-meter-high carp pole rig.

Surface film detail -- small bridge

A water level view of the Hematite rich metallic film on the water’s surface near the “small bridge”.

By the way, the carp pole rig is not just an aerial view apparatus. I am also finding it very useful for taking photographs near the surface and out over water as in the image above. Continue reading for access to a gallery of photographs from the day.

This set includes aerial images from the pole, close to ground surface images, and stitched panoramas of our major sampling locations.

Head over to Flickr by clicking on any image or thumbnail. In Flickr you can click the all sizes tab at the top of the images to load higher resolution versions.

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    […] It was a bright and sunny Sunday, March 11th, out on Lake Merced. We were making a second survey of the lake to find out more about the rust red material we thought might indicate Iron Bacteria. For this part, you may want to take time to look back at my last Lake Merced Post. You should also look at the aerial photographs Cris Benton took during this hike. […]