Red / Orange update


(And here, following odd reverse chronology spatial logic, is an addendum placed at the top.)

Red edge in May

Verge of the flat in May 2007 colors.

Wayne and I visited Alviso last weekend providing an opportunity to photograph the “red edge” near our weep site. As shown below I have previous images (by pole and kite) of this location. Here is another.

Red Edge in March

Verge of the flat in March 2007 colors ( a two-image KAP montage).

The area is fading in color and pattern compared to December. This has been a fairly dry spring season.

Red edge in December

Verge of the flat in December 2006 colors

The area is much more colorful in December than the same scene in earlier in the year as shown below.

Red edge in August

A view of the same place cropped from a kite aerial photograph in August 2006.

The wet season image (December) has the same craquelure-like pattern as the dry season image (August). In the wet season case the pattern is softened and under a few millimeters of water. And, of course, it has taken on the red/orange color.

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