Talk at CAL



I gave a presentation last week to the California Colloquium on Water (in an oddly pitched voice).. They asked if I would cover the technique of kite aerial photography with examples drawn from California wetlands and streams. As it turned out they videotaped the presentation and put it on YouTube — such a world we live in.


and images of the slides can be found at:



On December 4th I will be giving a talk on kite aerial photography as part of this year’s California Colloquium on Water (5:30 pm, 112 Wurster Hall, UC Berkeley). All are welcome.

Colloquium flyer

Abstract: Given a chance I suspect that most of us would slip our earthly bonds and see the world from new heights. An aerial view offers a fresh perspective of familiar landscapes and in doing so challenges our spatial sensibilities, our grasp of relationships. This playful talk will chronicle ten years of aerial photography from kite-lofted cameras. Examples will be shown from California’s wetlands including the South San Francisco Bay Salt Ponds, Herons Head Park, and the Berkeley/Albany Codornices Creek restoration project. Along the way Professor Benton will touch on the history of early aerial photography as well as methods and motivations for using kites as a photographic platform in the current day. Simultaneously an art form and a remote sensing exercise Benton’s low-level approach yields photographs that can be beautiful, useful, or both.

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