A Hike out to Drawbridge


As spring fades into summer Wayne Lanier and I staged a hike out to Drawbridge with curator and exhibit designer Maria Mortati. I have been hiking out to Drawbridge every few months to watch, and photograph, (former) Salt Ponds A20 and A21. These Station Island ponds were opened to tidal flow about two years ago and it is fascinating to see the landscape change as life creeps into what were once stark white plains of deposited gypsum.

Drawbridge roof

An abandoned Drawbridge structure amid late spring marsh foliage.

I have posted a small set of aerial images to Flickr. The sun was still high in the sky for most of these shots so the colors are a bit flat. The set contains images of an Amtrak train speeding through Drawbridge and some interesting color/texture shots of the surface of Salt Pond A21.

Use mouse or arrow keys to turn the image. Shift key zooms in; control or option key zooms out.

I have been playing around again with aerial Quicktime Virtual Reality (QTVR) panoramas and carried the Nikon 8400 with its fisheye lens on this trip. The fisheye flight produced 20 or so images that could be stitched successfully. I have made panoramas from five of them which are posted in the image section of this site. You can find aerial QTVR panoramas by following the images > aerial QTVR panoramas link to a menu page listing all of the Hidden Ecologies aerial QTVR efforts.

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