Streaming video


I am working a bit on adding a ‘streaming video’ capacity to our Hidden Ecologies blog.

The first step was to figure out a way to convert out digital camera AVI files to the Flash FLV steaming video format. I have that licked (at least for the PC platform) using a handy. free converter called the Riva FLV Converter. With the Riva software I converted a 12 Mb AVI file taken this evening into a 3 Mb streaming Flash file. Click on the righthand thumbnail and see if it will play for you.

Red Sample Thumbnail for video MVI_2908

By the way this evening’s fun started with the discovery of three brine shrimp (aka Sea Monkeys in the comic book world) that had hatched in one of my salt pond samples. Thus amused I took a look through other samples on my desk and found one that had formed a ‘blood red with hint of rust’ layer at its bottom. This layer was teeming with active bacteria as shown in the clip above.

Next step is to figure out how to embed a video into a blog post. I have tried a couple of methods but they have stumped me tonight.

3 Responses to “Streaming video”

  1. Wayne Says:

    Which application do I need? I get the message to choose the application, but, unlike the usual situation, no choices pop up. For practical use, the application should be a common one. Most importantly, not one from Microsoft, which activates linked applications available only if the computer is Microsoft dependent [rules out Mac and us open source folks].

  2. Cris Says:

    FLV is the streaming format for Macromedia Flash. There should be quite a few FLV players available on the WWW for the Mac.

    No Evil Empire required.

  3. Mike McGuinness Says:

    The easy way to insert FLV into websites is at http://www.flvhosting.com
    They have a generator that allows you to upload flv and create the code to stream it