Friday trip to Don Edwards


I am heading down to the Don Edwards headquarters on Friday 28 Oct. in the morning. I have a 2 pm rendezvous with a reporter and photographer from the Contra Costa Times and will probably take photographs in the vicinity of Jarvis Landing. Gayle would be most welcome to join us. I will probably stay down at the refuge until sunset or thereabouts with activities concentrated around the landing and the former Arden Salt Works

I was at Jarvis Landing on Saturday taking aerial photos and met John Bradley who heads the Don Edwards Wildlife Refuge. John let me know that I really needed a written conditional use permit to fly the kite (as opposed to manager Clyde Morris’ verbal approval). He also said that he would be glad to issue one if I presented myself during regular business hours. I am trying to arrange a Friday appointment for this before the Contra Costa Times appointment. Wayne – would you like to join me to seek permits for microbiological sampling? I imagine this is a good time to discuss lecture/exhibit/volunteer opportunities at the FWS refuge.

By the way, I stopped by the Greenbrae Boardwalk site yesterday. It is a pleasant place and would photograph well. The boardwalk proper has a regular rat’s nest of overhead power and communications line but I think I could stage the kite from the railroad trestle or perhaps a dock on the water side of the houses.

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