New collaborative geo-annotation map up


I have completed the posting of a new collaborative geo-annotation map for the South Bay. This map covers a large section of the South Bay and can be zoomed in to show great detail. New in this iteration are a few interface improvements (e.g., zoom to bounding box in addition to the previous keyboard shortcuts and the toolbar) plus GPS coordinates and latitude/longitude pairs from other sources should now plot accurately as well (Wayne, let me know on the GPS front).

South Bay map for geo-annotation

I have started to place more annotations on the map and will probably revise the category layers sometime soon. Some of my annotations point to posts from the project blog and others to Flickr photo sets. I have a large stockpile of material to annotate and post.

It would be most useful if others in the project could post comments, questions, and other annotations using the system.

I have formed the impression that the Javascript layer feature is not working on the Mac. It would be nice to confirm this and try to figure out a fix.

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