Bay Front Park outing


Wayne and I met San Francisco Art Institute student Gayle Laird at Bay Shore park for an early morning walk. Within a brief period of time we learned of grassroots efforts to prevent the conversion of the park into a golf course, collected a sample for the microscope at the edge of a tidal pond, encountered a flock of geese at close range, and visited the interesting edge of a high salinity saltern. This made for a most pleasant morning.

Bay Front Park trailhead

A seven-image stitched panorama showing the trailhead for Bay Front Park.

Geese refueling Bay Front Park

Geese refueling. These guys were seriously grazing. So much so that they seemed oblivious, or at least tolerant, as we walked by.

Scum art at Bay Front Park

A puzzle in the form of intricate and beautiful scum. At the edge of a reddish saltern we found a surface scum composed of various greens deposited as though a linear field of high viscosity flowed around the shorelines various protrusions.

Wayne sampling the green surface scum

Wayne and I each collected samples here. Will a microscopic examination help explain the scum pattern?

Examining the marsh / trail interface

Wayne also took samples from the edge of a tidal pond on the west side of the park.

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  1. Robert Gelman Says:

    Love the images on this site. May we republish them on ours and on a flyer (with credit of course) ?
    RB Gelman