Aerial panoramas at Mt. Eden Creek


I have been working on a few QTVRs for the South Bay Salt Pond Restoration Project. This fisheye view is from a set taken this afternoon at the ruins of the Oliver Brothers Salt Works. I am feeling a bit of pressure now since my permit for this area does not allow flying from January 1 to September 1 in deference to the (very long) nesting period of Snowy Plovers, a threatened species.

Today’s session took care of this site, three more to go. Read on to see three QTVR panoramas made from fisheye photographs taken above the ruins of the Oliver Brothers Salt Works.:

Early in the session the sun was uncooperative and stayed behind a high, convincing overcast confined to its quarter of the sky. Use mouse or arrow keys to turn the image. Shift key zooms in; control or option key zooms out.

Toward the end of the flight the sun started to poke through the clouds without much entusiasm. Still, a little sun is better than none at all, particularly since it was a cold day.

I shot a series of fisheye images at lower altitude too.

And here is a last example taken at low altitude above the foundation / tank ruins at the former salt plant.

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