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Spring is in the air. Only three weeks have passed and I found myself out at the Weep again, on this occasion in the company of Wayne Lanier and Dan Rademacher of Bay Nature. Again the visit occurred under flat, midday light and, again, I found myself playing with the carp pole. The first panorama from this play is a two-row, 28-image montage taken closer to the Weep than my last attempt.

The weep - a site near Alviso, CA

A traditional panorama of the Weep

The more interesting image from the session is a 21-image single row panorama stitched from images taken as I walked along the railroad grade to the east of the Weep pausing at 10′ intervals to take a photograph.

Weep panorama

A less traditional panorama created from images taken from a series of locations.

Click on either of these panoramas to download a (very) large version that is approximately 1/3 the size of the full resolution panorama. The image thus loaded will probably scale to your browser window. Click on it after it has loaded to see the high resolution version.

Dan and Wayne at the microscope

Dan and Wayne at the field microscope

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