Bay Nature hike to the Weep


This Saturday Wayne and I led a hike sponsored by Bay Nature magazine out to the Weep, a ditch just north of Alviso, California. Wayne Lanier and I worked with editor Dan Rademacher on a photo essay “Out at the WEEP – a curious search for life in a ditch” for the last issue of Bay Nature and the hike was a follow up for that piece. It was a pleasant outing and our time at the Weep was spent looking through field microscopes and discussing the unique character of our modest ditch. Great fun.

Bay Nature Hike to Weep

Lisa Krieger, a reporter for the San Jose Mercury News, came along and wrote a nice article for the Sunday edition.

I’ve posted a set of 40 or so aerial photographs taken during the hike to Flickr. You can see those images after the jump or just head over to the Flickr set.

Rick Bacigalupi shot video on the hike and has posted his segment:

You can also find this video on the Bay Nature WWW site at http://baynature.org/videos/life-in-a-ditch

One Response to “Bay Nature hike to the Weep”

  1. Greg Corning Says:

    It would be fitting if the Western Pacific Railroad once used those tracks, as bums who habitually rode that railroad were sometimes known as “Weepy” (for “W.P.”). Then The Weep would be even more appropriate a name.
    I looked for confirmation of this (http://wprrhs.org/index.html) but the route maps are not yet on line.