Bay Front Park


I spent an entertaining morning at Menlo Park’s Bay Front Park. On arrival it was quickly evident that this park, like Berkeley’s Cesar Chavez park, is a capped landfill. The park proper has a pretty amazing collection of burrowing squirrels and burrowing owls. On the east side of the park you can find gas generators burning the landfill’s gas production (as well as other waste treatment products?}

The park is surrounded by a small tidal pond to the west, a narrow tidal channel to the north, ebb and flow marsh to the east, and active salt ponds to the south. The south edge is particularly dramatic with all the visual punch – white crystals and red brine — of a high salinity pond. My KAP shots during this trip were taken under midday sun. I plan to return and shoot under light at the edge of the day.

Bay Shore Park -- Drained salt pond toward south

A view toward the south. The pond is largely drained with the borrow ditch, complete with bucket scars, visible at the bottom.

Bay Shore Park -- Shoreline on south edge

A more abstract view of the shoreline with salt crystals, dirtied by blowing trail dust, disappearing below vividly colored water. The upper purple tinge is the color of the water beginning to yield to sky reflection. What fun.

I continue to work on getting Gallery 2.0 up and running as a graphic repository. Two steps forward, one step back.

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