Checking in on Drawbridge


On the day after Maker Faire, Dave Wheeler and I went out to Drawbridge for a round of aerial photographs. It was a bit of a strange day (as befits our strange Spring) with very light winds and a sky that started grey, broke to puffy clouds, and later closed in again to provide a nice dramatic atmosphere. We spent the first couple of hours trying to convince our kites to fly in Beaufort 1 and 0 winds. Our Doperos would sometimes fly in Beaufort 1 but stayed grounded during stretches of Beaufort 0, so we spent a fair bit of time standing around looking silly with kites in hand. As the day drew to a close and it looked like we might be skunked a nice breeze appeared, the kites headed skyward, and I was able to shoot this set under the Maxi Dopero, which by the end was seriously overloaded.

Drawbridge, CA Salt Pond A21 at low tide

A couple of vertical panoramas, each produced from five landscape format photographs stitched with Autopano Pro

At the end of this session Dave speculated that the “powers that be” had denied us wind earlier in the day so that we would have energy and camera memory for the nice light that followed. A tip of the hat to the powers that be.

Here is a gallery of other images from the session, all of which were taken under the Maxi Dopero kite:

I am taking these documentary photographs under a Special Use Permit from the US Fish & Wildlife. Kite flying is prohibited over Drawbridge without a Special Use Permit as is access to this part of the Don Edwards National Wildlife Refuge.

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