Herons Head musings


I have spent a delightful afternoon poking around for background information about the strip of San Francisco shoreline that now hosts Heron’s Head Park. This has been great fun for in a brief period I have read tales rooted in the India Basin area about the remarkable Long Bridge, imported racehorses, a drastic transformation of this shoreline, the blossoming of industrial might, and a succession of inhabitants with each epoch establishing itself firmly and inevitably fading away. More recent chapters involve Chinese fishing camps, a failed cargo handling schema, a failed ‘South Crossing’ Bay Bridge, the decline of industry, and environmental aspirations. Look for posts to follow detailing a few of these threads.

1868 Goddard panorama of SF snippet

This is a snippet of George Henry Goddard’s remarkable 1868 panorama of San Francisco and vicinity, a view was constructed using the principles of surveying and perspective. The image above shows our India Basin location on the right with Hunters Point beyond it. The Long Bridge is evident on the left. The images is courtesy of the David Rumsey collection and was taken from this full view.

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  1. Marina Says:

    Cris, Goddard’s map is amazing. A wonderful historical layer to juxtapose with your contemporary views.