Pumphouse repair underway


Claudia and I were down at Don Edwards yesterday and came across a crew working on the old Pond N1 pumphouse. This picturesque red building is perched on the west bank of the Newark Slough and has been used as a picnic shelter in more recent times.


Construction in the marsh is a messy proposition.

A year or so back the Don Edwards folks stopped public access to the structure. I am delighted to see the repairs now underway for it is a lovely spot to set up the microscope. I talked to the crew working on the job — nice folks from Oregon specializing in construction on muddy sites — and they said the deck will now extend to enclose three sides of the structure. I asked if they ran into any remnants from the pumping works and the thought not with a possible exception where foundation drilling hit something ‘very solid’ a few feet below the surface.


The pumphouse as seen from the Don Edwards footbridge.

One Response to “Pumphouse repair underway”

  1. Mary Sheridan Says:

    Hey Cris Didn’t think I could find it did’ya? But I did.
    Looks like a fun project !!!