Herniation comes to mind


After a meeting at the Hayward Regional Shoreline Interpretive Center I made a visit to the Eden Shores development. Eden Shores in a new mixed-use development by Legacy Partners that contains over 500 new homes, a Costco outlet, and plans for additional retail. The development is conspicuous for extending past the boundary of previous development toward the salt evaporation ponds (take a look at the location map in satellite view and you will see what I mean). There must be an interesting story behind the permissions.

Eden Shores, Hayward, California Eden Shores, Hayward, California

These views were taken near sunset in what was the inaugural flight of my new Canon 550D. The camera is my first with an auto ISO feature so I gave it a try. This proved to be a mistake, as the algorithm seemed to set ISO so that shutter speeds were around 1/100 second and this produced motion blur.

Here is a gallery of other images from the session, all of which were taken under my home-sewn, six-foot Rokkaku kite:

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