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I have been working on embedding short movies taken through the field microscope into the blog.

The movies are captured using a technique called eyepiece projection in which a compact digital canera is placed above the microscope’s eyepiece. The camera’s ‘movie capture mode’ yields a video file which is later converted from its native format (avi or mov) to a streaming Flash movie format (flv) for use on this site. I use the dandy Riva FLV Encoder 2.0 for this. Once created the Flash flv movie file is combined in a simple WWW page with an embedded player (swf). The simple WWW page containing movie and player is then called by a javascript pop-up window routine placed in a post on this blog. The reference that calls the Javascript pop-up window can be a text link or, as in the cases below, a still image serving as a thumbnail.

Easy breezy.

Click on a thumbnail below to see if our method works for you.


27 December 2005

A 2.5 minute sequence presenting an unknown creature collected in Salt Pond N4, a turbid, green pond just north of the Dumbarton Bridge’s eastern anchorage. This is my first editing exercise with Adobe Premiere Elements v2.0.

C. Benton

Premiere -  green pond

10 January 2005

Clip of rotifers found in a sample taken near Coyote Hills Slough. Sample was taken from a bright green salt ponds along the old course of the slough.

C. Benton


4 November 2005

Clip of a Mono Lake amoeba.

W. Lanier

AMOEBA 800x 857-S

21 November 2003

Sample from the purple portion of the pool on the north edge of Don Edwards Pond N1.

C. Benton


21 November 2003

Sample from the green portion of the pool on the north edge of Don Edwards Pond N1.

C. Benton


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