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In the meantime here are some example documents.

Early Benton musings about project framing
in an intraproject missive — C. Benton, Oct. 2004
This document contains my earliest reference to ‘Hidden Ecologies’ as a title and offers scoping ideas about the project’s scale, process, representation, and participants. I have been using it a something of a touchstone for thinking about the project.

Handout supporting the 18 December group hike
to the Coyote Hills Slough — C. Benton, Dec. 2005
A large pdf containing background material, kite aerial photographs, old maps, contemporary maps, aerial survey photographs from 1968 and 2003, and an early example of layering maps and aerial photographs.

A description of the South Bay Salt Ponds
illustrated by maps of the Newark slough area dating from 1844 to the prsent day. — C. Benton, Jan. 2005
This pdf file was an appendix for a small (and regrettably unsuccessful) grant application to support work in the South Bay. The map sequence suggests the potentials of a time dimension in our studies.

Roster of KAP Sessions in the South Bay
C. Benton, Nov. 2005
A summary table listing trips that have yielded kite aerial photography images in the South Bay.

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  1. Bern Smith Says:

    I have a few hundred images of salt ponds gleaned from fooling around with Google Earth; the images are derived from views of the ponds (and immediate environs) that seem to fit nicely within the parameters of a computer screen. Very low-tech; there’s nothing hi-res about them, but the variety is amazing…I could send a couple of examples if you are interested in seeing them. Each one will have the Google logo in the lower rh corner, which doesn’t bother me — it’s their website, after all…

    I set them as desktop images on my screen and cycle through one a minute or so (takes several hours)…I never get tired of them.

    That anti-spam question is tough! No accounting for grey skies, green flash, red sunsets…

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