Scale Bands

spanning from 10^7 meters to 10^-6 meters

When we began it was imagined that the project would be constrained to the Bay Area or perhaps the edges of the San Francisco Bay. As Wayne suggested one should be able to zoom out to see the broader contest and zoom in to see intimate geographical detail. I imagine this as playing out across four scale bands: 1) satellite/aerial plan views, 2) kite aerial photography, 3) ground-based photos, and 4) microscopic photos. While scales 1&3 are common, 2&4 could be hallmarks of the project as could the juxtaposition of all four scales.

Scale bands sm

The question now before us is how best to use the breadth of scale available to us. Simply zooming through the decadal steps is not particularly useful plus — as Peter Richards wryly notes — this has been done before. And yet, the various scales can nicely reinforce one another. A wide satellite view displaying the full complement of salt pond colors provides useful context for microscope images of the critters that produce these colors. A map view of water flow through a system of ponds helps us make sense of a discrete salt works feature.

I believe we should associate our various scales sequential and interlocked fashions but not as decadal. Perhaps doodling over the scale bands diagram would be useful.

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